What We Do

Corporate Communications - Full Suite

We can assist with both internal and external communications campaigns for your business, whether you're a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 company. We can also help to craft marketing materials and correspondence for customer outreach. We specialize in everything from PowerPoint decks to billboards, from board room presentations to national marketing campaigns, and everything in between.

Website design, Social Media and E-mail Outreach

These days, your organization's Website, Twitter stream and Facebook page will be the first places potential customers / supporters "interact" with you. While these are all great avenues to reach your audience, a misstep can be a major headache. We design fully-customized, affordable Websites that reflect your individual identity, and we can help you execute a social media strategy that helps you reach out to the public without looking unprofessional. 

Media Relations

We know how to work with the press because, well, we've been a member of the press corps ourselves. Our team includes a former newspaper reporter who understands what editors are looking for in a story. We understand why pitches work and don't work because we've been on the receiving end of them.

Let us use our extensive relationships and experience with the news media to your advantage. Whether it's drafting press releases, pitching stories, preparing for interviews or lining up live press appearances and nailing them, we've got you covered.

Direct Mail, Palm Cards and Strategic Writing

With the advent of social media, there's an ongoing debate over whether traditional mailings are still necessary. We believe they can still be an important part of any campaign. The key is that they have to be attention-getting enough to make people take a closer look rather than tossing it in the trash bin. Using photography, punchy text and messaging, and sometimes a little bit of humor, we'll create mail pieces, palm cards and other designs you'll be proud to have printed and distributed.

 Candidate / Strategic Market Assessment

Thinking about running for office? Before you officially throw your hat in the ring, it pays to take a close look at your district and its demographics. You'll also need to know your strengths and weaknesses as a potential candidate so you can address them before you launch. We'll put together a complete report for you to consider before you take the next step. We can also perform the same sort of analysis for a product or service planned for a specific marketplace.

Campaign Launch

 We always believe the most exciting day for a campaign is the launch. First impressions count, and a successful beginning can give you major momentum in the media. Before you officially make your announcement, you'll want to make sure you've done all the background work to be legal and legitimate. We'll help you navigate that process, including assisting you with registering with the secretary of state and opening campaign finance accounts.

Once you're ready to go public, we'll help you choose a location, get the necessary technology, invite the press and help you with your stump speech.

Debate Prep

You'll almost never get through a political campaign without having to face your opponent in a live debate. If you're well-prepared, a debate can be the perfect forum to show why you're the best candidate for the office. We'll help you get ready for anything before you face-off so that you are well-equipped to respond to questions, attacks and surprises.

Strategic Writing and Policy Proposals

Flashy videos and web ads will get you far, but if you don't have a serious and thoughtful platform and policy proposals, you won't get votes. Using our legal and Beacon Hill experience, we can help you put together serious legislative ideas and proposals so that voters know you can get the job done.

Whether you need all of these services, or just one, we can put together a plan that fits with your individual campaign needs.