About Lyric Consulting

At Lyric Consulting, we help political and corporate clients communicate with voters, customers and employees through creative, clear and effective messaging.

Political campaigns

Running for political office is no simple endeavor. From the day you decide to throw your hat in the ring, to the day you go to the polls and see your name on the ballot, you will face incredibly demanding challenges in your effort to win.

You will need to assess your district and its demographics to determine if you're a viable candidate. You will need to craft a message and platform, accompanied by real proposals that bring it to life. You will need to know how to successfully handle media requests, and you will need a way to reach voters using direct mail and social media. You will need to understand campaign finance guidelines and how to avoid running afoul of them.

At Lyric Consulting, we combine our Beacon Hill, newsroom and legal experience to help candidates put together campaigns that move voters.

Since we opened our firm in 2008, we've helped candidates raise their profiles in anticipation of running for higher office, managed media relations for statewide and congressional candidates, and assisted legislators with policy ideas and legislative proposals that keep them relevant and increase their media exposure. Good candidates always have a rich and interesting story to tell, and we come up with ways to tell it, creatively, simply and efficiently through website design, media outreach, writing and graphic design.

Corporate communications

From Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietors, we help businesses communicate effectively externally, to the outside world, and internally, with their own employees.

Whether you need to appoint a media contact for general press inquiries about your company or you want on-call media advice for times when thing go wrong, we are equipped to provide full press relations services for businesses of any size. We can also assist with creating social media campaigns, print advertising and marketing materials, and web site design.

We also provide internal communication services to help you keep your employees up-to-date about company developments and create buy-in for company initiatives. We can assist you with creating talking points for speaking with your employees, help you plan creative campaigns for rolling out new programs, and design and executive regular employee updates, through digital means or traditional printed publications.

Who We Are

Lyric Consulting is a partnership between Meredith Warren and Frederick Van Magness, Jr.

Together, our years of experience can help you with your next political or corporate campaign.

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